A Christmas to Remember - Missions

The Christmas to Remember Program is a community mission project.

A program designed to reach out into the community to help those who are struggling with gifts for the holidays.

The Christmas to Remember program is quite unique.  We work directly with school counselors, program directors from child centered organizations such the Boys and Girls Club, Advocates from Women and Children's Shelters, Foster Care Centers, Snack Pack for Kids Program directors etc. to reach those who are in need of assistance.
Once children have been selected for the program they (the children) will attend the event, select gifts for their siblings and parents, wrap their treasures and take them home to be placed under their tree. Every child will receive a gift.
The whole experience is a memorable one for the children. It's a morning of shopping, gift wrapping, Christmas cookies, and lots of joyful Christmas music...an experience that many of us take for granted. All items come from donated sources such as local businesses, area vendors and individuals. This year, the event will be held on December 8th from  9:15 am - Noon. Please arrive at 9:15 and pick up at Noon.

How Does the Program Work?

If you have items to
donate, please click below.
All items come from donated sources.
We can use ALL items big or small, gift boxes and wrap, 
stocking stuffers, opened gift sets, etc.

School Counselors, Social Workers

and Program Directors. Please click on the button above to register qualifying students.

Registration Begins October 1st.

Families please note: Children must be recommended AND registered by their school counselor, social worker or program director. Please do not register your child yourself.  All registrations will be verified.