Our Goal

Adult Sunday School Classes
Common Needs and Interests

At Grace Baptist, our goal is to raise up and train next generation leaders, to discover the truths as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and to lovingly share our faith with a lost and dying world. 

Our Adult Classes are designed to meet the common needs and interests of people who are part of a particular life stage. Participating in a small group setting allows members to encourage one another through ministry involvement, discovering  leadership potential and experiencing authentic Christian fellowship.

Adult Classes 
  • College/Career Age
  • Ladies Bible Study
  • Adult 4 (Young Adults)
  • Adult 3 (Age 40-50)
  • Adult 2 (Age 50-60)
  • Adult  1 (Age 60+)

As a church grows, it becomes harder to connect with people. One of the ways we strive to help people connect is through small group Bible studies on Sunday Morning. Small groups make it easier to connect with others and gives members a feeling of belonging. It's not just about sitting in a room and having someone teach information from the Bible. It's about opening God's Word, sharing life together, and allowing His Word to change lives.