Sunday School
Children's Worship

Sunday School is a special time for our children... a time  where they  grow spiritually, build lasting relationships, pray and discover  how to study and apply God’s Word into their lives.

 Classes are held in a fun-filled environment where loving teachers and  volunteers help the children grow more aware of God's love, care and help in their everyday lives. Bible lessons, activities, art, snacks, songs and prayer keep our children  actively learning and playing. Children are active, curious and eager to learn....and our teachers are just  as eager to meet those needs.

 Our team of loving, dedicated teachers are focused on teaching God's  Word with excellence, presenting the Gospel at every appropriate opportunity,  and  helping the children grow in their relationship with Christ.

 Join us Sunday mornings 9:30-10:30 in the Amazing Grace Kids Place (Children's Department at Grace Baptist Church)

"Experience God Full Blast"
Children's Church is a fast paced, high-energy worship opportunity.

Children will experience what God has for them through a variety

of fun and captivating activities. Music, puppets, games, multi-media presentations, mission opportunities, life application Bible Lessons and much more awaits them.

However, it isn't all about the fun! Children's Church is your child's first step into a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not a relationship simply "learned" about...but one that is actually "lived out."

Children are taught to use and develop their spiritual gifts through acts of service within the church and community. They are taught and encouraged to apply the "Fruits of the Spirit" into their own lives, and given opportunities to serve outside the church through special projects and missions. They are also encouraged to build a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ by spending quality (quiet) time with Him each day. To lean on in Him...and to know that He is with them; and will love them... no matter what.

1st-6th Grade Sunday mornings 10:30-11:30 (or when church is dismissed). 


Sunday School / Children's Worship