You will be My Witnesses

Acts 1:8

Missions is the heartbeat of what we do at Grace. Jesus called his disciples to bear witness to his atoning death and miraculous resurrection in their local, regional and international contexts (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:7-8). Because of this, all churches after the heart of God seek to bear witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus to the ends of the earth. We at Grace seek to be obedient to the call of God to call all nations to faith in Christ.  We at Grace believe that it is the calling of each and every Christian to partner together to reach a lost and dying world with the Gospel of Jesus.

We think about missions at Grace in two main contexts: Local and Global missions.

Missions Organizations

North America (NAMB)

We at Grace partner with church planters through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in two locations: New Orleans, LA and Vancouver, British Columbia.

International (IMB, Independent)

Along with local and regional missions, Grace partners with church planters through the International Mission Board (IMB) and other independent organizations to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel.

Regional and International Missionary Partners

New Orleans, LA (NAMB)
Shane and his family live and serve in New Orleans, LA where they are planting Garden City Church. Shane's ministry is primarily centered on the Lower Ninth Ward of the city - the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Shane serves with the SEND Network via the North American Mission Board.
Vancouver, British Columbia (NAMB)
The Hatchells have recently relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) where Anthony is planting Revelation 7:9 Church. Vancouver, like much of Canada, is a spiritual desert in need of the light of Christ. Anthony serves with the SEND Network via the North American Mission Board.

Drew Williams

West Japan (IMB)
Drew and the Williams family are following the call of Christ to reach the Japanese people for Christ. The Japanese as a people group are the second largest unreached group in the world, and Japan is home to a worldview needing the love, truth and grace that come through faith in Jesus. Drew is serving on the West Japan church planting team of the International Mission Board.
Project Hope's mission is to "give hope locally and around the world by presenting the gospel of Jesus through relational ministry".  Haiti is the poorest country in the western half of the world and is caught in a vicious cycle of broken governments, crippling poverty, and spiritual darkness. Project Hope meets physical needs of Haitians while centering ministry on addressing spiritual need for Jesus. Project Hope is an independent missions organization.

Encourage our active missionaries

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